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Human resources

    Odak Ambalaj has become one of the pioneering and leading companies of its sector in Turkey since it successfully integrates the power of 46-year experience in the sector, qualified human resources and technological developments.

    Odak Ambalaj’s overall Human Resources policy can be defined as assuring motivation, efficiency and satisfaction of employees in a proper work environment and supporting personal development by using all available technological and training tools.

    Odak Ambalaj acknowledges that investing in humans is the essential principle of success and it has implemented and continues to implement several new projects in the field of Human Resources.

    In parallel to this approach, Odak Ambalaj makes Performance Assessment Plans once a year. The performance assessment is based on concrete, measurable goals and competencies.

    The reason of launching performance system is to show one clear and well-defined direction to the personnel and to assure they can be guided by executives as well as receiving feedback and improving their motivation.

In 1996, Bamak Katı Yakıt Ambalaj Sanayi ve Gemi Acenteliği A.Ş. was established in Iskenderun and it has been manufacturing Big Bags and bags on a 9000-square meter indoor facility equipped with state of the art production technologies since January 2013 under the name of Odak Ambalaj ve Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Our personnel work at the factory of ODAK Group located in Iskenderun Organized Industrial Zone.

Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Vali Utku Acun Bulvarı Sarıseki İskenderun Hatay/TURKEY

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